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What RANCHAT can offer you?


Fruitful discussions

Sharing your thoughts and viewpoints. Have something in your mind and for some reason have nobody to talk to? Finding a partner for a conversation with our app is a matter of seconds

Escape from routine life

New stories to versatile your life. The conversation goes poorly? Nevermind - you will get a new story to light up your day

Novel people and ideas

Want to talk about new sorts of cocoa beans or "Curiosity" landing on a Mars surface? It is not a big deal - you could always choose a proper topic and proper interlocutors

No strings attached

Spicing up your life. Chatting to random people could be really fun. Remember, you are not committed to talk to some particular strangers again if they are too strange)

Stay secure

Want to stay anonymous or reveal your identity to a partner? It is up to you to decide. You could be confident all your secrets will be kept unless you decide to open up to your partner

Embrace the world around

Starting new relationship or meeting new friends in a quite original way. You never know, perhaps the next stranger you talk to will become your significant one or the best friend

Socialize. Enjoy. Learn. Love. RANCHAT

Enjoy communication

New Friends. New Emotions. RANCHAT
Our team brings the best of our professionality, creativity, and heart to create a user-centric, well-performed, saturated with different options app. We will be glad to receive any feedback to make RANCHAT even better.
Caution! Please, always remember there are plenty of fruitful activities outside, so use our app as a great additional tool to your everyday communication, nothing more... unless you find the soulmates for your life. Everything is possible as long as you believe in it ;)